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Who wears short shorts


i could have done better on the shorts on the first drawings but ehh
at least i took my time….sorta lol its 4:30 sumthing in the morning :P goodnight <33 



Shirt off fun times


Shirt off fun times


BOLIN approve!!


you’re one of a kind

by ~inertiamatters


Rating: Explicit 

 Mako gasped as his wrists were clamped behind his back. No ropes, there was no need when your brother was an earth bender. As he felt another clay disk mould itself around his ankles, Mako thought about what they were doing. It wasn’t the first time Bolin had bound him. They’d fooled around plenty of times but Mako had always bailed when he’d had time to think about everything. They’d never gotten past kissing each other, he’d always stopped himself. Bolin had finally snapped, surprising him. Mako had been stopping everything because he hadn’t wanted to hurt his little brother but once he’d seen him react like that, he knew he’d been wrong. Sure, Bolin was young and sometimes he got overemotional, but he was strong. Much stronger than him, in fact, and, fuck, he liked seeing it.



This is apparently my version of the genderbent Bending Brothers Mako and Bolin. I wish I could give them genderbent names but I’m not good at Chinese so I can’t. I replaced Mako’s scarf with a headband because in my personal opinion, a girl receiving a headband from her parent makes more sense than a scarf. Also, Bolin’s female counterpart looks so cute! Can’t stand her cuteness!

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LMFAO AH GAWD AS YOU CAN SEE, I have way too many borra feels 8A8, freaking legend of korra does this to me bro a;fja;fj


“Big man in a suit of armor. Take that away, and what are you?”

“A gorgeous, talented, playboy pro-bending star who’s friends with the Avatar.”


The fabulous bending brothers!


korra goofing around during practice ヽ( `∇´)ノ