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Borra Fluff I finished today

Hope you like it~

This pic in my DA account

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What a badass

She’s the Avatar, you’ve gotta deal with it.

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Oh what the hell, it’s 113 F in here… shall we crank the temperature in this lil’ blog?

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I needed to draw something so I ended up with Bolin just getting out of the shower to find Korra in his room and getting all embarrassed about it, need to get a better grip of his ‘anatomy’. I regret nothing!


The Legend of Korra buttons available at Fanime


The Legend of Korra buttons available at Fanime


really awesome korra, mako and bolin cosplayers

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you’re one of a kind

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This is apparently my version of the genderbent Bending Brothers Mako and Bolin. I wish I could give them genderbent names but I’m not good at Chinese so I can’t. I replaced Mako’s scarf with a headband because in my personal opinion, a girl receiving a headband from her parent makes more sense than a scarf. Also, Bolin’s female counterpart looks so cute! Can’t stand her cuteness!

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LMFAO AH GAWD AS YOU CAN SEE, I have way too many borra feels 8A8, freaking legend of korra does this to me bro a;fja;fj